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Mobile Banking: Options for Every Phone

Mobile Banking: Options for Every Phone

When many people think of mobile banking, they think of smartphone apps, but there are additional ways to bank from your mobile phone. In fact, no matter what type of device you use, there's a Mobile Banking option that will work for you.*

Types of Mobile Banking

There are three types of Mobile Banking: text, web, and app.

Text Banking allows you to conduct transactions using your phone's text messaging service. It can be used from any phone that sends and receives text messages (SMS). Simply text a command to the bank's short code, a six-digit number provided, and the bank will respond to your request in moments. With Text Banking you can request account balances and activity, credit card due dates, and ATM locations. If you choose Text Banking, be sure to take advantage of customizable options. For example, you can select nicknames for your various accounts to tell them apart.

Web Banking brings you a mobile-friendly version of Online Banking through your phone's Internet browser. It can be used from any phone that has browser capability. Just navigate to the bank's web banking site and enter your password. Then you can check your balances, view your history, transfer funds, and more.

App Banking is available for specific smartphone devices like iPhone, Galaxy, and Blackberry. Once you've downloaded the relevant application, you can access your accounts with the tap of a button. Just enter your password, and then you can conduct a variety of transactions. App Banking takes advantage of your smartphone's capabilities like GPS for finding bank and ATM locations and the camera for remote check deposit.

Most banks offer different types of Mobile Banking so you may choose the one that works with your phone and is convenient for you at the time. And if you have a smartphone, you could use all three.

Security of Mobile Banking

You may wonder about the safety of accessing your personal financial information from your mobile phone. Rest assured, Mobile Banking is safe and secure.

Your individual phone is linked to your accounts, so they cannot be accessed by someone else's phone. For extra protection, a password is also required for web and app banking. Additionally, communication sent between the bank and your phone is encrypted to prevent unauthorized persons from intercepting your information, and the bank does not access other information on your phone, like contacts.

For additional security, you can optin to receiving notifications of any activity in your accounts. This allows notifications to come straight to your phone via secure messaging in the event of expected or unexpected account activity.

Your bank takes your financial security seriously, so you can trust Mobile Banking.

For your security, you need to enroll in Mobile Banking and register your phone. It's quick and easy, so sign up today to take advantage of the latest in banking technology.

* Message and data rates may apply.

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